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CPC SEPCO Secretary and SEPCO Chairperson Zhang Yulei Visited Saudi Aramco and Other Partners in Saudi Arabia

Add Time:2023-01-25

During his inspection visit of the King Abdullah Port Project, CPC SEPCO Secretary and SEPCO Chairperson Zhang Yulei also met with the senior management of Saudi Aramco, Lamar Company and other partners in Saudi Arabia. He spoke extensively about the company’s strategy, sought common grounds with partners regarding future endeavors, delivered SEPCO wisdom and solutions to foster long-term cooperation and development, and conveyed the aspiration for joint progress, mutual benefits and win-win outcomes.

On the morning of January 23rd, Zhang Yulei and his delegation visited the headquarters of Saudi Aramco and sat down with Ahmad Al Sa'adi, Executive Vice President of the Saudi company. Zhang Yulei introduced the development achievements of SEPCO in the past year, and expressed the wish for strengthening cooperation of the two parties in more areas and contributing more substantially to the rapid growth of Saudi Arabia. In terms of contract performance of the King Abdullah Port Project, Zhang Yulei explained that said endeavor is a key project that is currently a top priority of PowerChina and SEPCO, adding that the SEPCO King Abdullah Port Project Department will work in earnest to drive progress of the project with the goal of "basically realizing project completion by the end of 2023." At the same time, Zhang indicated the hope that strong support can be obtained from Saudi Aramco in pushing forward the accelerated implementation of claims package scheme, so as to provide aids in improving project operation and ensure that the performance goals are reached as scheduled. Mr. Saadi extended a warm welcome to Zhang Yulei, then said that Saudi Aramco is about to implement many new undertakings surrounding the King Abdullah Port Project, and looks forward to more cooperation between the two sides in new areas and endeavors.

Around noon on January 23rd, Zhang Yulei met with Nasser, Saudi Aramco's project manager of the King Abdullah Port Project. Nassar said that in 2022, SEPCO had taken emphatic measures to comprehensively strengthen contract performance and construction work of the project in question, and had produced excellent results in an efficient fashion. Nasser expressed the hope that SEPCO will maintain the momentum and ensure the smooth realization of the target of "basically achieving project completion by the end of 2023." Subsequently, the two sides conducted in-depth discussions on areas such as the management of operation and on-site construction of King Abdullah Port Project.

On the afternoon of the same day, Zhang Yulei and his delegation met with leaders of Lamar Company and other partners in Saudi Arabia, traded ideas and exchanged opinions regarding issues on market development and cooperation in Saudi Arabia.

Deputy Director of the SEPCO General Office Hu Shangxiu, Vice General Manager of SEPCO International Corporation Xiao Jun, Vice Executive General Manager of the  King Abdullah Port Project Department Yu Lianshui, and project team members also participated in the above activities.

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