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CPC SEPCO Secretary and SEPCO Chairperson Zhang Yulei Visited King Abdullah Port Project to Inspect Progress and Provide Guidance

Add Time:2023-01-25

On January 20th local time, as Spring Festival 2023 approached, Zhang Yulei, CPC SEPCO Secretary and SEPCO Chairperson Zhang Yulei visited the King Abdullah Port Project in Saudi Arabia to inspect progress, provide guidance, and deliver warms regards for staffs who had remained at their posts during the traditional Chinese holiday period.

After receiving reports from relevant personnel in the construction areas of the jack-up platform pillar workshop and outfitting workshop, A5 main road, hull workshop and No. 2 & 4 & 5 dry docks of King Abdullah Port Project, Zhang Yulei learned in details about construction progress, resource organization and technical management of the key areas of the undertaking. He also communicated with the persons in charge of several outsourcing units involved in on-site construction while also offering festival greetings.

In the subsequent work report meeting, Zhang Yulei focused his attention on debriefings related to project performance, operation management, safety management, Party building, personnel training, and key work arrangement.  He remarked that the King Abdullah Port Project team has made great efforts and achieved great results in the past year, and team members deserve recognition and praise. In the next phase, SEPCO will focus on strengthening the human resource development for the King Abdullah Port Project, comprehensively augmenting the project management capabilities of cadres and staff, and cultivating talents with a full spectrum of abilities and qualities, so as to transform the King Abdullah Port Project into a cradle for brilliant talents that will underpin the growth of the company. He emphasized that 2023 is the "contract performance year" of the King Abdullah Port Project, and it is imperative that the King Abdullah Port Project Department ensure sound execution of project performance, cost control and the handling of claims filed by project owner, while comprehensively and earnestly summarizing the experience and lessons learnt from this Saudi Aramco project.  At the same time, it is necessary to make good use of the unique advantages of the project, cultivate excellent human resources through trial by fire, enlarge and enhance the talent pool in a meaningful manner, and provide a broader stage for employees who "want to achieve, are able to achieve, and have achieved well."

Yu Lianshui, Executive Vice General Manager of the King Abdullah Port Project, remarked that in 2023, the King Abdullah Port Project team will coordinate and strive for advancements in five major areas, including management improvement, contract performance and implementation, talent training, cost reduction and efficiency improvement, and review and summarization, so as to ensure satisfactory project performance and successful talent cultivation. The team will also work hard to high-quality results in aspects such as claims and counterclaims, project review and summary, making every effort to nurture excellent human resources conducive to SEPCO development, contribute technical standards, and provide project management experience.

Deputy Director of the SEPCO General Office Hu Shangxiu accompanied Zhang Yulei for the inspection tour, and leaders of the King Abdullah Port Project Department, heads of various departments and engineering divisions also participated in the above event.

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