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SEPCO Won Bids for Jafurah Desalination Project and Abu Ali On-Site Accommodation Project in Saudi Arabia

Add Time:2023-01-04

The year begins with great news in the company's market expansion endeavor. In recent days, SEPCO International Corporation received notice from developers about winning bids for Jafurah desalination project and Abu Ali on-site accommodation project, with the pair of EPC contracts together amounting to approximately USD 650 million.

The Jafurah desalination project in Saudi Arabia is a part of Saudi Aramco's Jafurah unconventional non-associated gas field, and project scope encompasses a reverse osmosis desalination plant with 80,000 cubic meters/day capacity, related marine engineering, about 200km of water transfer pipelines (including 64km of regular carbon-steel water transfer pipelines and 136km of special water injection special pressure pipelines for oil fields), one water transfer hub facility, two water transfer booster pump stations, and approximately 80km of overhead wires. Desalinated water produced from the project will be utilized for drilling, ground formation hydraulic fracturing, oil field fire safety, integrated heating and power plant, etc. Meanwhile, scope of the Abu Ali on-site accommodation project involves the construction of housing and related support facilities enough for 500 Saudi Aramco employees, with floor space totaling roughly 39,000 square meters.

Upon the basis of signing a two-way exclusive agreement, SEPCO International Corporation as EPC general contractor and the developer have committed themselves to a binding cooperation, and submitted bids for the projects respectively in May and July 2022. Winning the bids of the two projects is significant as SEPCO successfully makes its first international forays into desalination and on-site accommodation constructions.

Next, the SEPCO International Corporation will actively work with the developer to complete subsequent tasks, ensure the projects begin execution in 2023, and contribute to and hearten the company's high-quality development during the "14th Five-Year Plan."

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