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Saudi Aramco's Master Gas System(MGS)gas booster station Phase II project was co

Add Time:2021-06-13

On June 9, the MGS Phase II project department reported that six key PMCCs were successfully signed with the mechanical maintenance workshop, central control center, process control center, SS02 substation, black zone, and water system. The owner's operation team (Proponent) gradually took over the control room, substation and other buildings and began daily operation, maintenance, and comprehensive commissioning.

Mr. FAHAD, the project manager of Aramco, presented a certificate to the SEPCO team on behalf of the owner team in recognition of the outstanding performance of the SEPCO team during the closing of the PMCC and the entire plant receiving power. He emphasized that the SEPCO project department is an excellent team with extremely high professionalism and organization and coordination capabilities.

Since the start of the second phase of the MGS project, the project department has overcome numerous difficulties through the cooperation of a professional team and completed the design, procurement, installation, and pre-commissioning of the entire plant's electrical, instrumentation, and maintenance systems and equipment.

Next, the project department will assist the owner in completing the commissioning work as soon as possible according to the contract requirements.

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