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The company signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Zhongji Energy

Add Time:2021-06-11

On June 10th, SEPCO vice president Liu Hongbin and Chief Engineer Zhang Huanxiang met with Zhao Wei, General Manager of Zhongji Energy (Qingdao) Co., Ltd., and his team in Jinan.

The two participating parties conducted in-depth exchanges on strengthening business cooperation in the next phase and signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. In addition, SEPCO's marketing department, design management department, project management department and other related departments also participated in the meeting.

Zhang Huanxiang recognized the technical principles and research progress of Zhongji Energy's new solar thermal power generation technology. At the meeting, Zhang Huanxiang signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Zhongji Energy. The SEPCO and Zhongji Energy agreed to realize all-round strategic cooperation in related fields under the principle of compliance with laws and regulations.

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