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The Marine Facilities for king Salman International Complex for Maritime Industr

Add Time:2021-07-04

Recently, in the 2020 advanced selection of Chinese-funded institutions in Saudi Arabia organized by the Chinese Embassy in Saudi Arabia, the King Salman Maritime Complex Project stood out from many participating institutions and became the biggest winner! The project department won the annual Saudi Outstanding Chinese-funded Project Award; the vice president of project Zhang Zhongxiang was awarded the Excellent Chinese-funded Enterprise Manager title.

The two honors are a recognition of the work performance of the King Salman Maritime Complex Project in 2020 and a commendation to all the staff of the project!

In 2020, in the face of the all-round impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on project implementation, the King Salman Maritime Complex Project department has overcome multiple pressures and wrote a new chapter in SEPCO on the ancient Persian Gulf! More than 4,000 employees of the project successfully achieved the goal of "zero infection." The project department actively integrates and supplements external resources, fully taps and mobilizes internal potential, and scientifically optimizes the allocation of resources on the site, achieving the major milestone node goals for the year and successfully minimizing the negative impact of the COVID-19.

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