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Saudi Arabia's Jazan project department won two award certificates from Aramco o

Add Time:2021-04-07

The PMT team of the Saudi Jazan project organized a commendation meeting. The owner's project manager, Isa, issued an award certificate to commend the company's project team for its outstanding performance in the construction, pre-commissioning and PMCC elimination of units three to five.

The Saudi Arabia Jazan project has the characteristics of large scale, long construction period, many suppliers involved, complex external interfaces, and many external constraints for debugging. The project department has been working continuously for 14 months and completed the three- and four-unit gas turbine high-pan work and the three-unit and two gas-turbine 850RPM purges. At present, the project has realized the perfect ending of SS129 to three-unit reverse power transmission and three-unit electrical instrument professional mainline work. Especially during the reverse power transmission of SS129 to three units, the project department created a "zero defect" acceptance result, which Aramco PMT and POD highly praised. This also shows the company's professional and construction capabilities in the construction of large power stations.

On the premise of doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, the project department overcomes the adverse effects of the Saudi government's policy of restricting people's entry from multiple countries and promotes the combination of independent construction and commissioning with remote assistance from manufacturers. In addition, the project department uses flexible and efficient methods such as cross-regional and cross-border coordination to solve construction and commissioning problems, minimize the epidemic's impact on the site, and reduce various costs such as technical services and personnel mobilization, thereby ensuring the progress of on-site commissioning.

At present, the Jazan project in Saudi Arabia is progressing as planned for the third and fourth units of PMCC elimination and blowpipe preparations.

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