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Saudi Aramco's Master Gas System(MGS)gas booster station Phase II project was aw

Add Time:2020-09-27

On September 24, the award ceremony of the "China's Belt and Road Initiative "Infrastructure Supply Chain Green Development Forum and "2020 International Engineering Supply Chain Management Evaluation Activity" hosted by the China Contractors Association was held in Beijing. SEPCO's MGS Phase II project was awarded "International Engineering Green Supply Chain Management Excellent Project."

A total of 46 overseas projects from 30 enterprises participated in the selection, involving railway, road, hydropower, housing construction and other fields. The evaluation experts shall conduct preliminary evaluation, re-evaluation, and re-examination of the applied projects in accordance with scientific evaluation indicators. Finally, 10 leading projects and 15 excellent projects were selected. Saudi Aramco MGS Gas Supercharging Station Phase II expansion project was selected as "International Engineering Green Supply Chain Management Excellent Project." This honor enhances the company's supply chain management level and internationalization degree.

The "China's Belt and Road Initiative" Green Development Forum for Infrastructure supply Chain aims to focus on how to improve the security and collaboration of the international engineering supply chain under the global epidemic, analyze and envision new trends, technologies, and models of global supply chain management, and optimize the global layout of supply chain and international capacity cooperation.

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