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Five projects of the company won the

Add Time:2020-06-15

On June 12, the selection results of the 2020 China Power Quality Engineering Awards were announced, and five projects undertaken by SEPCO (3 for Ningxia Company and 2 for Sichuan Company) were awarded.

The China Power Quality Engineering Award is the highest honor award for engineering quality in the national power industry, aiming to improve the quality and management level of power construction projects.

This year, a total of 47 domestic large-scale engineering projects and 6 overseas engineering projects won the China Power Quality Engineering Award, including 2 overseas projects, including the Angola SOYO I combined cycle power station 2×380MW project and the Vietnamese oil tanker 500MW photovoltaic power generation project.

SEPCO has always insisted on taking quality as the guide, taking responsibility as the guarantee, taking process control as the means, and relying on the professional team to lay the foundation for the company to achieve excellent results. This award is the affirmation of the company's engineering construction quality by the national power industry and the steady improvement of the company's overall quality management level.

SEPCO will use the achievements this time as a starting point to further improve the quality management system and strengthen the construction of the quality management system.

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