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The first major milestone node for offshore engineering of the Marine Facilities

Add Time:2020-04-01

On March 31, the project's first major offshore milestone node 2# dry dock temporary cut-off wall construction work was completed ahead of schedule!

The axial length of the temporary cut-off wall of the No. 2 dry dock of the Saudi King Port project is 1693.1m, and the thickness is 500mm. It uses C8 / C10, C16 / C20 two-level concrete pouring. As a continuous underground wall, the temporary cut-off wall will effectively block the seawater and groundwater outside the foundation pit, creating necessary conditions for subsequent construction in the foundation pit.

During the construction of the temporary cut-off wall of the No. 2 dry dock, the project construction team faced many challenges. The top 5m of the entire stratum in the construction area is a hydraulic fill layer, and a silt sand layer dominates 5m to 20m. The density ranges from medium density to dense, with poor gradation. Locally it is a calcareous sand layer with a thickness of about 1m. Part of the trough section Contains gravel, and the surrounding stratum structure is loose. In the process of forming the groove, a hole collapsed in part of the groove section. In response to this situation, the project team adjusted the construction plan in a timely manner to ensure the smooth progress of the temporary cut-off wall construction work and finally successfully achieved early closure. The smooth closure of the impervious wall of the No. 2 dry dock laid the foundation for the subsequent drainage and foundation pit excavation of the dock.

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