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[Story of the “China’s Belt and Road?Initiative”] Anjum Jafar: The

Add Time:2019-06-12

In the second phase of the SEPCO Saudi MGS gas booster station project, you will often see a busy man who is tall, strong, stalwart, and handsome. Anjum Jafar graduated from Ahmed Hassan Poly Institute of Technology with a major in civil engineering. He is currently the construction quality control manager for the second phase of the Saudi MGS gas booster station.

Anjum joined the work in 2001 and has been engaged in construction management and quality control. He has participated in constructing many Aramco projects such as the Sabah NGL power station, the Arafat railway, and Dahlan housing. At the same time, he has many Works experience in a Chinese engineering company, familiar with the Chinese way of thinking, and know how to work with Chinese teams. In August 2016, Anjum, who saw the recruitment information of SEPCO, submitted his resume decisively and confidently. After passing the Aramco interview, he officially became an MGS Phase II project management team member.

As a bridge between Chinese managers and foreign labor workers, foreign technical personnel include ordinary engineers and many manager-level "key personnel" who have signed long-term contracts with the company. Anjum's IK quality control manager is the key among the "key personnel." In the daily on-site quality control process, Anjum adheres to the concept of "quality first" and strictly manages the standard Aramco quality standards.

Anjum always believes that teamwork is a key point in "project execution." He used his experience in quality management to start the training program for on-site engineers and QC supervisors. Whenever the on-site engineers encounter a problem that they cannot solve or understand, Anjum will immediately call the central engineer to hold a special meeting to propose solutions to the problem and ensure timely feedback to the owner. When the attitude of the subordinates is negative, Anjum will take the initiative to communicate and find out the real reason for his negativity. "The best way to develop a person is to appreciate and encourage. Nothing can stifle a person's confidence more than the criticism of a manager or supervisor. So I never criticize anyone. I believe that admiration of a person's work will help. To improve his work." This is Anjum's philosophy.

With the joint efforts of the on-site quality control team with Anjum and Zhao Zhigang as the core, the IK quality control of the second phase of the MGS gas booster station has achieved excellent results. Since the start of construction, no general or above quality accidents have occurred, and no major quality defects have occurred. The one-time inspection pass rate is as high as 98.99%, and the inspection pass rate is 100%. Through careful control by the team, the first batch of 200 weld inspections for 56-inch pipelines achieved a pass rate of 100%, creating a quality record in the history of the Aramco project. In addition to the first pass rate of weld inspection as high as 99.95%, the average value of the project quality PQI index reached 94.6%. This quality record far exceeded Aramco's other projects under construction in the same period and was highly praised by Mr. Saud Al Jalud, head of the Aramco Headquarters delegation.

In life, Anjum is a full-fledged "optimist," and greetings always bring positive energy to everyone. In the "Greenland Cup" volleyball match held by the project department, he led everyone to participate actively, and finally, through everyone's joint efforts, he defeated the owner team and won the "championship." In addition, Anjum is still a good man who takes care of his family. His son is 5 years old, but he rarely has time to spend time with his wife and children. In order to prevent his young son from being too lonely, Anjum often asks his Chinese colleagues to help him buy toys on Taobao and send them to his home in Pakistan. He often said: I owe too much to my family because of working abroad for many years, but they are very supportive of my work. This is also the motivation for my struggle.

Anjum conquered all the leaders and colleagues with his sincere attitude and outstanding performance. He is keen to innovate working methods and help the company reduce resistance in localized labor management; at the same time, his dedication and professional attitude have also continuously infected people around him and won the respect of local employees. "I think all achievements are attributed to the coordination of the team, but what really impressed me is the energetic and enthusiastic teamwork I have seen," said Anjum.

Today, Anjum still shuttles between the various site areas from time to time, running around to ensure the smooth completion of the project. There are countless Pakistani employees like Anjum Jafar who have been silently dedicated to the second phase of the MGS gas booster station. They work hard in their positions and contribute their meager efforts in Saudi Arabia together with Chinese employees. We believe that with the joint efforts of the Chinese and Pakistani brothers, China's power construction industry will flourish, and the friendship between China and Pakistan will last forever.

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