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Saudi Aramco's Master Gas System(MGS)gas booster station Phase II project was h

Add Time:2019-05-18

On April 30th, Mr. Abdulrahman l. Waryhan, General Manager of Saudi Aramco, accompanied by Mansour S. Shehri, General Manager of Aramco East-West Pipeline and Aramco project management team, inspected the MGS Gas Booster Station Phase II project site and listened to Aramco, The work report of the project management team, and highly appraised SE PCO’s project execution performance and work results.

After arriving at station 1, Mr. Abdulrahman and his entourage immediately went to the site to inspect the site, focusing on on-site safety, quality management, construction organization and work efficiency. Later, he listened to the work report of the Aramco project management team and expressed his gratitude to SEPCO for its excellent execution performance in the second phase of the MGS project. He emphasized that the second phase of the MGS project is a key project that both the King of Saudi Arabia and Aramco executives’ pay close attention to, and it is very important to the local economic development of Saudi Arabia. At the end of the meeting, the owner of Aramco commended the SEPCO project management team for successfully completing the SRG-1 and SRG-2 cold joint construction, an important milestone node, and awarded the outstanding SEPCO professional engineers who have made outstanding contributions to the Tie-in work. Certificate.

The visit of Mr. Abdulrahman l. Waryhan, General Manager of Aramco, boosted the morale of the on-site team. At present, the second phase of the MGS project has fully entered the phase of elimination of PMCC tail items.

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