Privacy policy
Privacy policy

1.The copyright of all content with SEPCO indicated on this Website, whatever text, images, audios or videos (collectively as the "Content"), belongs to SEPCO, which should not be published or used in the form of reproduction, link, republication or others unless contractually permitted by this Website. All media or websites permitted for downloading the Content shall indicate "Source: SEPCO" when downloading and using such Content. Otherwise, they shall be held accountable by law. Any Content indicated with "Source: SEPCO" on this Website is only used for the purpose of communication, which does not stand for the viewpoint of us and we take no responsibility for its accuracy.

2. Except that indicated with "Source: SEPCO", the following Content on this Website shall not be reproduced:

a. Links to other websites;

b. The Content indicated with "Reproduction not allowed" or "Unauthorized reproduction not allowed";

c. The Content without our signature or the works of others cited or reproduced here for which the Website does not own the copyright;

d. Unique patterns, signs, page style, layout, program, etc.;

e. The Content only available to authorized or registered users;

f. Others not allowed by law or inappropriate (as considered by us) for reproduction.

3. Anyone reproducing or citing the Content must use it only for the purpose of providing public news or information for free in a reasonable way and with good faith and shall not distort or alter the original intent. Whoever reproducing or citing the Content must indicate the source and take the legal responsibilities including copyright.

4. Anyone shall not reproduce or cite the Content for the activities which:

a. infringe the benefits of this Website or others;

b. violate the laws and regulations;

c. may break public order and good customs;

d. allow, without permission, others to reproduce and cite the Content.

5. Anyone reproducing or citing the Content must indicate "From SEPCO" and the Website address:

6. Anyone reproducing or citing a signed article on the Website should pay royalty fee to the author according to relevant stipulations.

7. SEPCO takes no responsibility for any civil disputes, administrative handling or other losses arising from inappropriate reproduction or citation of the Content.

8. SEPCO reserves the right to take any legal action against those failing to abide by this Policy or utilizing the Content illegally or maliciously.