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A Delegation led by Chinese Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Chen Weiqing Visits the King Harbor Project of Saudi Arabia

Add Time:2022-04-16

On April 16 (local time of Saudi Arabia), a delegation led by Chen Weiqing, Chinese Ambassador to Saudi Arabia,paid a visit to the Company's subsidiary in Saudi Arabia and King Harbor Project of Saudi Arabia for on-site inspection and guidance. Wang Yantao, head of the Group's special task force, Zhu Jing, representative of the Group's international companies in Saudi Arabia, and Zhang Jinbin and Ren Yuanbo, deputy general managers of the Company accompanied in the visit.

On the morning, at the symposium of Chinese enterprises in Saudi Arabia, Ren Yuanbo,a deputy general manager, introduced in detail the Company's experience and practices in overseasParty building, security management, pandemic prevention and control and stability maintenance, as well as the opportunities and challenges in implementing the new development concept. After hearing the report, Chen Weiqing fully recognized the Company's active implementation of the "Belt and Road" Initiative and the leading role of acentralstate-ownedenterprise. Subsequently, representatives of Chinese-funded enterprises attending the meeting conducted discussions on such topics as how to do a good job inParty building, how to better integrate into local economic and social development, and how todevelop stronger overseas undertakings. Chen Weiqing made concluding remarks and put forward the following requirements: First, Chinese enterprises in Saudi Arabia should thoroughly study the new situation and new change of the current international community and innovate thinking model, give full play to the advantages of Chinese enterprises, as well as do a good job in the economic construction along the "Belt and Road"; second, it is necessary to strengthen ideological and political construction and do well inParty buildingof enterprises; third, they should strictly carry out pandemic prevention and control, security management and stability maintenance of overseas projects; fourth, they should fully make use of local media resources for publicity, tell the story of Chinese enterprises and shape China's internationalprofile.

In the afternoon of the same day, Ambassador Chen Weiqing and his delegation drove to the site of the King Harbor Project, and learned about the progress of the project in detail at the jack-up platform pillar workshop and the 4 # and 5 # dry dock construction areas, as well as communicated with Naser,thesite project manager of the owner Saudi Aramco. In the report meeting, Ren Yuanbo,adeputy general manager of the Company, introduced the background and significance of the project to the ambassador and his delegation, and the measures taken by SEPCO to overcome the impact of the pandemic and actively integrate resources to promote project implementation and the achievements it has made since the construction began. Chen Weiqing pointed out that all parties involved in the project shouldstrengthen confidence, make efforts to push forward the project construction, continuously consolidate the achievements in pandemic prevention and control and stability maintenance. In addition, Chen hoped that SEPCO will further strengthen management and make efforts to build the King Harbor Project into a landmark world-class project of POWERCHINA and even Chinese enterprises in Saudi Arabia. He also said that in the follow-up work, the embassy will actively take the lead in consultations with the Saudi Arabia government on the local business issues of POWERCHINA, and continue to provide more support and assistance to Chinese employees in returning home.

Later, the delegation led by Chen Weiqingvisited the health isolation station of the returnees. Zhang Jinbin,adeputy general manager of the Company, reported the work and management of pandemic prevention and control and stability maintenance.

Leaders of Contact Office of Chinese Companies in Saudi Arabia, Sinopec, China Harbor, China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau and other enterprises in Saudi Arabia participated in the symposium.

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