Symposium of CPC Building and Anti-Corruption for year of 2016 Held
Release Time:31 Mar 2016 06:44:13

 On March 25th, SEPCO’s first symposium of CPC building and anti-corruption was held in Jinan, Beijing, Dubai, and Saudi office through video connection system. Over 40 people covering Company leadership, department directors, and CPC branches’ members attended this meeting. SEPCO President and Deputy Secretary of CPC, Mr. Liu Chuanming served as the master of ceremony during the meeting.

SEPCO CPC Secretary and Vice President Mr. Yin Shiji made a special report in this meeting named “insist on problems orientation, reinforce responsibility shouldering, focus on value creation, and strive to open up a new prospect of CPC building”. Within the report, SEPCO’s general CPC building work in 2015 was comprehensively summarized, urgent problems of CPC building in need of solution at the moment were clearly pointed out, and six important items of this year were well arranged.

On the meeting, Deputy CPC Secretary and Discipline Secretary Mr. Ding Peizhai delivered a special report named “Concentrate on core work, serve overall developing situation, fulfill supervision responsibility, and provide discipline guarantee for building top international engineering management corporation”. In this report, Mr. Ding Peizhai reviewed discipline committee’s work in 2015, accurately analyzed new surroundings for anti-corruption work.

After the symposium, the company invited an expert from Shandong research authority of CPC and labor union building, director Kou Rennong to give a special logical lecture of rich content, which is highly helpful to improve company’s grassroots staff’s quality, and strengthen SEPCO’s CPC building work.    


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