Safe Production Meeting of Year 2016 Held
Release Time:17 Mar 2016 01:34:33


On March 14th, the safe production meeting of 2016 was held through video system connecting Jinan, Beijing, Dubai and Saudi office, with presence of company leadership, chief engineers, department directors, project leadership, and security person in charge. Deputy Party Secretary and Discipline Committee Secretary Mr. Ding Peizhai served as the master of ceremony in this meeting.


All people attended this meeting studied together the papers of safety production released by Central Party, State Council, and Power China, and some items concerning safety as well as legal explanations. To represent projects under construction, MGS I reported HSE management work within its own project. Mr. Song Zhanpeng, our security director, arranged 19 safety production important items in 2016.


Vice President Mr. Wang Shaokui delivered a work speech concerning 2016 safety production in the name of “Strengthen responsibility system, further projects control, and promote comprehensively company’s security management”. Within this speech, Mr. Wang reviewed company’s safety production work in 2015, analyzed problems and disadvantages in our security management, and deployed safety production items in 2016.


At the end of this meeting, President Liu Chuanming delivered a summarized speech, in which he made three requests over safety production work in 2016. Only if all people endeavor with high sense of responsibility to fulfill safety production work, can we guarantee our company’s sound development and lasting stability.