SEPCO Ping-pong Competition
Release Time:27 Jul 2014 06:55:57

To encourage the staff to do more exercises, improve their health condition, and foster the enterprise culture, the trade union of SEPCO organized a Ping-pong competition on July 26, 2014. This competition received great support from the SEPCO leaders.

After preliminary, semi-final, and final, the competition successfully finished half a month later. Yan Fumin, Wang Yan, Wu Wangong, and Hou Guixia won the champions of their respective groups.

The Ping-pong competition drew vigorous and wide response from the staff. Over 60 people took part in it.

Now, a lot of colleagues become increasingly interested in this traditional sport and begin to do regular exercises. This not only creates more joys in life but also enhance mutual understanding between colleagues.