Donation to Help Dropout back to School
Release Time:13 Sep 2012 06:52:05

On September, 12, 2012, SEPCO held a donation ceremony, calling for financial aids for dropout children in Zambia.

The MCL's Vice President Mr. Ramesh and CFO Mr. Lakshmi Narayana were invited to attend the ceremony. MCL was the Owner of Zambia MAAMBA 2×150 MW Coal Fired Power Station project.

MAAMBA, where the MAAMBA 2×150 MW Coal Fired Power Station project is located, is a poverty-stricken town of the Southern Province of Zambia.

At one time, over 7000 residents in MAAMBA worked for local coal mines. But with bankruptcy of the mines, these residents lost their jobs and fell into poverty. A large number of children dropped out of school.

For years, SEPCO intended to "build a respectable enterprise" and with a heart of thanksgiving, vigorously rewarded communities and assumed social responsibilities at home and abroad. SEPCO sees such responsibilities a strong drive for development.

After learning about the fact, SEPCO promptly organized a donation campaign to help the dropouts go back to school.

The vice president of MCL Mr. Ramesh said that SEPCO was a responsible international enterprise, its actions showed its resolution to reward and blend in local communities, which created a favorable external environment.

It is expected that both parties could keep long-term cooperation in the future.

The donation will be sent to MAAMBA as soon as possible.

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