Educational Donation Ceremony in Zambia
Release Time:22 Oct 2012 06:48:55

On October 22, 2012, a SEPCO Educational Donation Ceremony was held in MAAMBA town, Southern Province, Zambia.

The MCL's project manager, mayor of MAAMBA town,principal of MAAMBA Senior High School, principal of GRZ Junior High School, and the chairman of the local Association of Teachers were invited to attend the ceremony.

The aided students MCSHANE MUCHHA and FRANKLINE SIMBWEDELE came from MAAMBA Senior High School and GRZ Junior High School respectively.

At the ceremony, the Deputy Chief Engineer Luo Laifeng delivered the financial aids to the principals, and presented bags, MP5, notebooks, and other stationery to the two students and some Chinese characteristic gifts to their mothers. The atmosphere was warm and moving.

This donation was voluntary. It can help MCSHANE MUCHHA finish three years' senior high school, and support FRANKLINE SIMBWEDELE to finish the last year of junior high school.

If FRANKLINE SIMBWEDELE can be accepted by senior high school, SEPCO will continue to aid him.

This aid action showed SEPCO's resolution to reward local community. It helped SEPCO maintain a responsible international image and gain recognition from the local community.