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SEPCO's Seven Major Science and Technology Special Projects Checked and Accepted by PowerChina

Add Time:2022-07-26

Between July 23rd and 24th, the SEPCO Major Science and Technology Special Projects Check and Acceptance Conference was held at the company. PoweChina Chief Engineer Zong Dunfeng, Vice Chief Engineer and Science, Technology and Engineering Management Department Director He Sunwen, and Electric Power Business Department Deputy General Manager Jia Weiguo attending the meeting as experts, while SEPCO Deputy General Manager and Chief Engineer Zhan Huanxiang and major science and technology special projects research team were also present.

Key Technical Research on Complex Soft Substratum Treatment and Structure Design of Pile Foundation Wharf in Middle East, Key Technical Research on Flooding and Drainage of Extra-large Docks and Anti-seepage System Design in Middle East, and Research and Demonstrative Application of BIM Technology-based EPC Digitized Management System for Extra-large Harbor Projects and Smart Construction Platformwere among the seven projects that SEPCO submitted for check and acceptance. During the conference, project leaders explained in details research background, research content, key technical points, key innovations, economic and social benefits, evaluation index satisfaction status, progress, expenditures and other relevant information. The attending experts listened to the presentations keenly, and inquired and commented on all related questions and issues. The expert group in charge of check and acceptance lauded the seven research projects, and experts all agreed that the projects feature the necessary materials and documents, thorough and detailed contents, and outstanding innovations, while exceeding evaluation index requirements, offering obvious economic and social benefits, providing sound support for future engineering and construction endeavors, and possessing relatively high value in application, thus all seven special projects were checked and accepted unanimously. Head of the expert group in charge of check and acceptance, Chief Engineer Zong Dunfeng, praised SEPCO's systematic organization of major projects and industry-academia joint research mechanism, and further commended the seven special projects that were submitted for check and acceptance, adding that the project presentations showed clear and reasonable logics, remarkable research results and values. He also encouraged the major project research team to keep up the good work, actively learn from the opinions and suggestions put forth by the experts, and earnestly carry out research result conversion, application and dissemination.

It has been learned that this major special project phasic check and acceptance conference is noteworthy for the largest number of check and acceptance special projects, highest degree of affirmation and highest rate of acceptance among the 11 major special projects established after the founding of PowerChina.

Zhang Huanxiang expressed gratitude to the leaders and experts for their advices and approvals. He also indicated that SEPCO will follow the opinions and suggestions put forth by the experts and leaders to continue optimization and perfection, fully learn from the experience of this check and acceptance conference, continue to deepen the researches of other major science and technology special projects, and ensure remaining tasks are completed on time and per the required quality.

Related experts from around a dozen other organizations such as PowerChina's Science and Engineering Department, Electric Power Department and Hydroelectricity Engineering Society, Shandong University, Ocean University of China and Engineering Consulting Institute of Shandong Province also attended the meeting.

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