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The Test Run of CNC Cutting Machine for the King Abdullah Port Project in Saudi Arabia Was Successful Completed

Add Time:2022-03-15

On March 14 (local time), the test run of CNC cutting machine for King Abdullah Port Project in Saudi Arabia was successfully completed, marking the smooth entry into the pre-commissioning stage of Area D in Bid Section P6 and the successful completion of another major milestone node of the Project.

Material cutting is the starting point of the whole shipbuilding line process. It controls the rhythm of production plan and is the crucial work of the project. Whether the installation and debugging of CNC cutting machine can be completed on schedule is a test for the Company's performance ability, and directly affects the progress of the overall process of hull sub-assembly manufacturing. Since the start of this work, under the leadership of the group company and group work team, the Project Department of King Abdullah Port Project in Saudi Arabia has carefully arranged and reasonably organized the management, technical and construction personnel for technical breakthrough, equipment installation and debugging in an efficient and orderly manner. When installing the machine tool track, the project team adjusted the track height again and again to find the most horizontal position; when checking the feed accuracy of the cutting machine, it did not ignore any deviation, and tried to make each calibration error accurate to within 0.05mm, so as to achieve the highest level of cutting accuracy. The surface, after the test run, of the cut steel plate was smooth and highly consistent with the design pattern, perfectly showing the excellent cutting effect of the equipment, which was highly praised by the Owner Saudi Aramco.

The successful test run of CNC cutting machine has greatly enhanced the confidence and determination of on-site employees. Next, the Project Department of King Abdullah Port Project in Saudi Arabia will set off a trend of construction, go all out to promote the high-quality performance of the Project with great attitude and excellent style, and provide a satisfactory answer for the Group, the Company and Saudi Aramco.

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