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Three Company Projects Win 2022 "High-Quality Electric Power Engineering Award of China"

Add Time:2022-06-20

On June 17th, results of the 2022 "High-Quality Electric Power Engineering Award of China" selection were announced. The China Huaneng 500MW wind farm project in Puyang County, the Shanxi Guojing Wind Power Co. Ltd. 100kW wind farm project in Hequ, and the Wanbo CBD distributed power station project in Guangzhou built by the company were honored as prize-winners.

The "High-Quality Electric Power Engineering Award of China" is the highest accolade for engineering quality in the Chinese electricity industry. The annual evaluation campaign is organized by the China Electric Power Construction Association (CEPCA) for the purpose of elevating engineering quality and management level in electric power construction.

The company has always adhered to the management paradigm of "following the path of proven success, control the process, achieve excellence the first time round," emphasized quality planning as priority, specific accountability as guarantee, process control as means, and professional team as foundation, and focused on deepening of full-spectrum quality management, strict adherence to standards and pursuit of excellence, all of which form the solid basis for the company's exceptional performance. The winning of these awards represents the Chinese electric power industry's genuine approval of our engineering and construction quality, manifests the comprehensive capacity of the company, and signifies the steady improvement in the overall level of the company's quality management.

With this performance functioning as a new starting point and "strategy for the 14th Five-year Plan" as guidance, we will continue to optimize our quality management system, strengthen quality management system documents dissemination and implementation thoroughness, rely on procedural documents to standardize engineering project quality management, strictly ensure engineering quality, and maintain the momentum in delivering more high-quality projects. At the same time, based on the project progression and optimization plan formulated at the beginning of the year, we will keep up our active approach and tireless dedication deserving of High-Quality Electric Power Engineering Award of China and High-Quality Engineering Award of China, so as to use quality engineering to promote the consistent improvement in the company's engineering quality management level and SEPCO's brand reputation.

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