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Delegation from the Government of the Republic of the Congo Visited Office of SEPCO International Corporation in Dubai

Add Time:2022-05-11

On May 10th, Dubai local time, a delegation of 17 representatives from the government of the Republic of the Congo led by the country's Minister of Mines and Geology Pierre Oba visited the office of the International Corporation of SEPCO Electric Power Construction Corporation (SEPCO) in Dubai. Company Vice President Ren Yuanbo, SEPCO International Corporation Party Branch Secretary Xiao Jun and Vice President Zhang Quan attended the meeting, while key figures of the potassium mine project owner Kore Potash, including Chairman David Andrew Hathorn, CEO Brand Sampson and project financing team members, were also present during the visit.   

During the meeting, our party explained in details SEPCO's development history and general capacity, and updated the guests about the progress and achievements of the Kola project thus far. All participating parties have commended the company's capacity and progress achieved. Company Vice President Ren Yuanbo delivered a speech filled with passion, expressing that the company will dedicate everything to ensure the advancement of the Kola potassium mine project, and the aim to contribute more to the development of the Republic of the Congo by using this project as a stepping stone.

His Excellency Minister of Mines and Geology of the Republic of the Congo Pierre Oba lauded SEPCO's outstanding performances in the past and various undertakings in the present, and indicated the Republic of the Congo government's genuine anticipation and unswerving support for the implementation of the Kola project.

After the meeting, with His Excellency Pierre Oba as witness, SEPCO and Kore Potash signed a cooperation framework agreement for the current phase of the project, and the two parties reached consensus regarding upcoming tasks and schedule.

The visit and signing of the cooperation framework agreement by the project owner is an important milestone that signifies the smooth progress of the Kola endeavor. Under the context of proper risk management, SEPCO International Corporation will devote all energies to ensuring completion of subsequent works, steadily and surely realize project progress, and complete the official signing of the final EPC contract of the project as soon as possible.

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