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A Good Start in the New Year! Saudi Arabia Gizan Project Department Wins Four Award Certificates from Saudi Aramco

Add Time:2022-02-08

As the new year approaches, SAFWANI MAITHAM, acting project manager of the owner, personally presented the award certificates to the engineering and electrical equipment construction team of the Saudi Arabia Gizan Project, to commend the excellent performance of the project construction team in Unit 3-5 construction, PMCC defect elimination and pipe blowing, and expressed satisfaction and appreciation to the construction organization of Unit 5 and the smooth ignition and pipe blowing of Unit 3.

Since Unit 3 was successfully connected to the grid at 00:03 a.m. on January 27, the load of gas turbine has risen to 95 MW, the main steam blowing coefficient is greater than 1.2, and all parameters are stable. On the evening of January 30, the project construction team completed the blowing of the VPS high pressure bypass systems. The team is ready to blow the main steam pipeline of the HHP system, which will lay a solid foundation for the next MC handover.

At present, Unit 4 is preparing for the system commissioning before pipe blowing for the unit's ignition and pipe blowing in the next step.

Substations PMCC11 and PMCC16 of Unit 5 have started, PMCC06 has been qualified for PMCC, and Saudi Aramco is preparing Kick Off Meeting before PMCC. As Unit 5 is about to enter the PMCC stage, the handover of the IGCC project has taken another big step forward. The project is adjusting personnel to allocate transportation personnel for King Harbor and to reduce personnel and increase efficiency,in a bid toprepare for project cost cut.

The Project Department will continue to focus on "pandemic prevention and production", ensure the quality and safety according to the node plan, and make every effort to promote the project implementationin anefficient manner.

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