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All PMCC for No. 5 Generator Set in Jazan Project in Saudi Arabia Completed Signing and Hand-Over

Add Time:2022-12-15

On the afternoon of December 14th, good news came from the Jazan project in Saudi Arabia, as Saudi Aramco officially signed the PMCC-06 mechanical completion certificate, following the same successes with PMCC-11 and PMCC-16. As such, all PMCC have been signed for the No. 5 generator set in the Jazan project and handed over to project owner, signifying that all tasks for the No. 5 generator set in said project have been accomplished. Motivated by Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit to Saudi Arabia, and facilitated by PowerChina and SEPCO leaders' efficient coordination and substantial assistance, all members in the department unified behind one goal, forged toward the target of the signing of the three PMCC, and ultimately accomplished the mission, thereby wrapping up 2022 with a fully fruitful conclusion. Isa Mujairdi, senior manager of PMT project at Saudi Aramco, sent congratulatory message right away and represented Saudi Aramco in expressing commendation and appreciation to the project team for successfully delivering and signing off the PMCC for No. 5 generator set, adding that SEPCO has performed exceptionally and shown remarkable professionalism and dedication during the course of the construction of the No. 3, No. 4 and No. 5 generator sets.

The Jazan project in Saudi Arabia is Saudi Aramco's largest combined cycle power plant project under construction, comprising 30 PMCC (Partial Mechanical Completion Certificate), with PMCC-06 involved in the No. 5 generator set's gas turbine, generator, heat recovery boiler, steam turbine, and its generator's combined cycle system, while PMCC-11 and PMCC-16 respectively correspond to the SS510 transformer substation and PIB510 instrument control building. Since December 20th, 2021, work began for PMCC-11 and PMCC-16 of No. 5 generator set, and under the emphatic support and active coordination of SEPCO leaders and various functional departments, all project team members stayed uplifted, emboldened and passionate as they overcame a myriad of adverse factors from material shortage and lack of funding to harsh environment conditions. Project chiefs led the way in handling concluding tasks such as remaining materials and unsettled issues, organized the list of project problems, pragmatically and earnestly analyzed each problem related to materials and assigned varying priorities to different outsourcing needs, and reasonably allocated the necessary funds. The Jazan Project Department held several meetings to assess remaining tasks, made reasonable arrangements in reducing staff, strictly reviewed procurement plans, and found ways to cut costs while ensuring sufficient funding for various materials and outsourcing needs, thereby solidifying the foundation for the eventual triumph of the project.

Next, members of the Jazan Project Department will capitalize on the momentum of No. 5 generator set PMCC acquisition and passionately dedicate themselves into the upcoming commissioning and wrap-up tasks, so as to contribute to the enhancement of the SEPCO brand and the company's high-quality development during the "14th Five-Year Plan."

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