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SEPCO Employees’ Congress and Annual Conference for the Year of 2015 Held Succes

Add Time:2018-01-26

On Feb 15th, SEPCO employees’ congress and annual conference for the year of 2015 was held solemnly inJinan,BeijingandDubaivia video signal. SEPCO President and Party Secretary Mr. Liu Chuanming presented work report. Deputy Party Secretary and Discipline Committee Secretary Mr. Ding Peizhai gave a report on Party’s style honesty building. Vice President Mr. Yin Shiji presided over the conference and read out the conference resolution. All cadres and employees attended the meeting with high enthusiasm and responsible manner, driving efficiently and practically the process of forging world-leading administrative engineering company with high performance.

During the conference, Mr. Liu Chuanming presented work report named Deepen Reform & Renovation and Expedite Transformation & Upgrading, Endeavoring to Forge World-leading Administrative Engineering Company with High Performance. He objectively summarized the achievements we have obtained during process of comprehensively deepening reform and expediting transformation & upgrading in 2014. Plus, he also looked through the weakness and bottleneck for management, clarifying the general picture of principally enhancing performance, developing market and executing project as penetration point surrounded by 2015 operation targets. He also clearly elaborated 9 efficient and effective key measures with general idea of upsizing, increasing performance, adjusting structures and promoting transformation.

This conference has permitted and passed the Company Work Report and Financial Budget Settlement Report, and released No.1 File of Party Committee and Administration, rewarding advanced groups and personnel and signing letters of responsibility of business performance, safety production and anti-corruption construction.

This conference has lasted for one day. Short as it was, the contents were substantial and the harvests were abundant. The whole company has achieved unity in thinking, and accumulated full extent of confidence and power in responsibility, business pioneering spirit and bigger performance.

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