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2014 Staff Conference and Annual Work Conference Held

Add Time:2018-01-26

On February 8, SEPCO's 2014 staff conference and work conference was held in Jinan. Employees attended the meeting with enthusiasm and high sense of responsibility. Participants learnt and studied the meeting documents. This meeting was an efficient and pragmatic way to promote SEPCO's efforts to create a world-class engineering company.

At the meeting, Wang Lingfang, president of SEPCO, gave a speech titled Deepening Reform, Taking the Opportunity and Upgrading to Work towards a World-class Management-focused Engineering Company. In his speech Wang summarized SEPCO's work in 2013, analyzed the domestic and international market and its own deficiencies, reiterated the goal of building a world-class management-focused engineering company with an annual revenue of over 10 billion yuan. With specific requirements, Wang made arrangements for the key tasks in 2014.

The 2013 Financial Settlement Statements and 2014 Budget Statements were reviewed at the meeting and a resolution was passed. The 2014 No. 1 document of the CPC committee and administrative organ was announced, and well-performing individuals and departments in 2013 were rewarded.

The conference was a success that all the staff became knowledgeable of the situation and were inspired. This is important to guide SEPCO's operations throughout the year and its efforts to become a world-class management-focused engineering company.

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