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The Company Won the Bid for WAD Ground-mounted PV Project in Saudi Arabia

Add Time:2022-04-23

On April 22, the TotalEnergies Renewables International (TERI) officially issued the Company a letter of acceptance for the WAD Ground-mounted PV Project in Saudi Arabia, marking another major breakthrough of the Company in the field of overseas new energy.

The WAD PV Project is among the third batch of Class A projects in the "National Renewable Energy Development Program" of the Ministry of Energy of Saudi Arabia, with a total installed capacity of 120MW and a construction period of 18 months. The IPP development model is used and the developer is TotalEnergies, a diversified energy giant headquartered in France, with business covering more than 130 countries and regions, and a global reputation.

This bid has been strongly supported by the main leaders of the Company. At the critical stage of bidding, Zhang Yulei, Chairman of the Company, presided over and participated in the communication meeting with the senior management of TotalEnergies, demonstrating our excellent strength and willingness to cooperate to the Owner, which has laid a solid foundation for the successful winning of the Project. With the substantial support and cooperation of various departments in the headquarters, the bidding team of the international company worked overtime and completed the preparation of the bidding documents with high quality within the time given by the Owner, and has successfully won the bid for the Project.

The winning of the bid is not only a good practice of the Company's "14th Five-Year Plan" and "1244" strategies, but also another important milestone in the Company's international high-end marketing after Saudi Aramco. The Company will gather its strength and adhere to the high-end operation to build the Project into a high-quality project and brand project in the Middle East market and lay a solid foundation for the further expansion of the international new energy market.

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