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King Harbor Project Wins 3 Bronze Awards in BIM Competition

Add Time:2022-01-19

A few days ago, the works of "Comprehensive Application of BIM to King Salman International Complex for Maritime Industries and Services Project" selected and submitted by the company won three bronze awards respectively at the 2021 "Zhishui Cup" National Water Engineering BIM Application Competition, the 4th "Youlu Cup" National BIM Technology Competition and the 2nd "Zhijian Cup" Intelligent Construction Innovation Competition.

As a key project of the company, the King Harbor project department focuses on technological innovation with the aid of full-lifecycle BIM technologies to establish a BIM implementation system to explore the innovative possibilities of project BIM management mechanism, having formed a set of BIM-based forward design coordination mechanism and a management modelthat isguided by schedule management, supported with BIM technology and steered by design witha full expression ofthe values of the BIM technology. Owing to the collaborative management platform set up by theCompany, the project department is able to integrate the model with the project field to realize the online operation of BIM management work to enhance the linkage of all parties and improve the work efficiency to a greater extent.

The three accolades are the concrete achievements of the BIM team's commitment to applying BIM technology to digital construction. It is an in-depth implementation of the "Belt and Road" initiative by theCompany and the project department to promote the Chinese intelligent manufacturing "going abroad" and mark the integration of high-tech technologies such as the IoT, BIM, GIS, cloud computing, big data and mobile internet, providing the company with innovative experiences in further promoting the BIM technology application and strengthening the intelligent construction management.

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