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SEPCO Enabled by "BIM + Smart Construction Site" Technologies to Fulfill International Mega Project Contract

Add Time:2021-12-16

On December 16, the Saudi Aramco held the annual project management outstanding contribution award ceremony at its headquarters in Dammam. The King Harbor Project undertaken by the project department of SEPCO Electric Power Construction Corporation was honored 5 of the 7 outstanding contribution awardsforannual project management process improvement, becoming the biggest winner. The project department's successful exploration in the application of "BIM + smart construction site" technology was again highly praised by Mr. Abdulkarim A.AL Ghamdi, the Vice President of Saudi Aramco.

As a world-renowned mega project, the King HarborProject was laid and named by the King Mohammed bin Salman in person. It is an important part of Saudi Arabia's "Vision 2030" national reform plan, and it is also a great achievement of in-depth implementation of the national "Belt and Road" initiative by POWERCHINA. The project plant is 4.5km long from north to south and 2.5km wide from east to west, featuring large construction area with great difficulty in plant construction, a large number of construction personnel involved, scattered equipment and materials, and complex management and operating procedures. To eliminate common problems such as "weakened supervision, lack of supervision means, and low supervision efficiency" in the process of project construction, the project department carried forward the "Belt and Road" initiative in-depth to actively promote the Chinese intelligent manufacturing "going abroad" and integrate the high-tech technologies such as the IoT, BIM, GIS, cloud computing, big data and mobile internet into the Saudi Aramco's standards and specifications to build a real-time and efficient digital, visualized and integrated remote intelligent monitoring platform for comprehensive perception and automatic data collection, automatic analysis, and automatic early warning of key factors such as "manpower, equipment, material, method and environment". As a result, this hasprovided efficient solutions for project resource management and control, safety management, environmental monitoring, and construction management,andgreatly improved the resources configuration capabilities, management and control capabilities and cost control capabilities throughout the construction process and prepared sufficient data assistance to the follow-up "smart port" construction.

The King Harbor Project has created a precedent for the Saudi Aramco's "BIM + SmartConstructionSite" technology application, and has been highly concerned since the beginning of the system construction. The senior management of Saudi Aramco visited the project site many times for on-the-spot inspections, and highly praised the advanced Internet of Things technology used by the SEPCO to enable the project management and control, and expressed repeatedly to promote the application of such system in all its projects under construction. The two sides are actively negotiating to advance such work.

It is reported that at this commendation ceremony, the "safety training vehicle" invented for the King Harbor Project was also awarded two safety innovation awards. The acquisition of these accolades fully reflects Saudi Aramco's highacclaim of SEPCO Electric Power Construction Corporation's innovative concept and management level and also fully demonstrates the technological connotation and innovative vitality of the SEPCO brand, which have enhanced the brand visibility of SEPCO in the international high-end market and thus again demonstrated to the world the powerful potentials of Chinese intelligent manufacturing.

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