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A Good Start in the New Year! Missan Refinery Project in Iraq Successfully Signed

Add Time:2022-01-21

Here comes good news as the Spring Festivalisapproaching! Recently, the Company successfully signed the contract with the owner for the Missan Refinery Project in Iraq, with an EPC contract amount of about USD 880 million.

The project is located in Muthana City, Missan Province, Iraq and is owned by Missan International Refining Company, with main work covering the design, procurement and construction of 10 sets of main process devices, utilities, storage and transportation works and relevant auxiliary systems in the plant area. The main products of the project include liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), gasoline, aviation kerosene, diesel oil and sulfur. In the initial stage of the project, the headquarters of POWERCHINA in the Middle East and North Africa decided that our company would act as the exclusive bidder to carry out the project promotion work. The Company actively responded, followed up with all efforts, fully mobilized all resources to organize the bidding work, and finally realized the smooth signing of the project. The working process and achievements were highly praised by the owner and the Group.

The signing of the project becomes another important achievement of the Company's efforts to explore the Middle East and North Africa market, implement the "Belt and Road" initiative with practical actions and benefit local people. The Company will start with the signing of this project, take the initiative to explore key countries and markets in depth, continuously consolidate and expand its advantages in international business and enhance the influence of SEPCO as an international brand, so as to making contributions to the realization of the Company's "14th Five-Year" strategic plan.

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